Quick Reference Tips — X1

Accessing the On Demand menu

Enjoy the best selection of current TV shows and hit movies with Xfinity On Demand. Here’s how to watch an Xfinity On Demand program using Xfinity X1.

How to watch Xfinity On Demand programming

1. Locate a program from the X1 On Demand menu or Search menu.

2. To select a single program such as a movie, highlight the program and press the OK button on the remote.

To select a program that is part of a series, navigate to the desired episode and press OK.

3. Highlight the Watch option and press OK.

4. If the program is available in both high definition and standard definition, you will be prompted to choose the version you wish to view. Use the up arrow or down arrow button on the remote to choose your preferred version and press OK.

Note: HD is the default selection. This preference can be turned off by navigating to Settings > Preferences from the Main Menu.

5. Your program will begin playing. You can press and hold the Microphone button to speak a command, or the Pause/Play and Rewind buttons to stop, restart or rewind the program. For some programs, you can also use the Fast Forward button to advance through the program. Or use the Page Up button to advance in 10-minute increments.

6. When you are finished watching, press the Exit button to exit the program and return to live TV.

Note: You can easily access the program again using the Last button (if the program is among the last nine options viewed on your TV), or by accessing the Saved menu, choosing For You, and accessing the Recently Viewed category. If you have not viewed the entire program, the program can be resumed at the point where you left off.

Visit our support page for more information about X1 On Demand.