Quick Reference Tips — X1

Get to know your way around the main menu

How to navigate the X1 main menu

To access the main menu, press the xfinity button on your remote control. Then, use the left arrow button or the right arrow button to browse through the menu options. Choose from any of the following and press the OK button on the remote to select it:

Notification Center: Use this option to see new notifications and a history of recent notifications. Notifications are intended to keep you up to date on everything you need to know about your Xfinity products. Notifications you may receive include tips on X1 features, upcoming appointment reminders, Xfinity Home alerts and more.

Guide: Use this option to access the X1 guide grid and view program listings, channel information, etc. You can also access the guide grid by pressing the Guide button on your remote.

Saved: Use this option to access your saved recordings, recording schedule, favorites list, playlists and Xfinity On Demand purchases. This menu also includes For You, which has recently recorded programs, favorites, watched shows and recommendations based on what you’ve watched on Xfinity On Demand.

On Demand: Use this option to access Xfinity On Demand TV shows and movies to watch anytime.

Search: Use this option to search for programs, DVR recordings, favorite actors and directors, channels, etc.

Apps: Use this option to access the apps available through your X1 TV box such as Netflix, Pandora, Sports, Photos, My Account and more.

Settings (gear icon): Use this option to manage the settings on your X1 TV box (parental controls, closed captioning, purchase PIN, guide settings, etc.).

For more information, visit xfinity.com/support and search X1 main menu.

Did you know?

Find what you need faster.

X1 comes with an interactive on-screen guide with network logos and poster art to make it easier to find programming content. The user guide is available in English or Spanish – your choice.