Quick Reference Tips — X1

Navigating the on-screen guide

The X1 on-screen guide is designed to understand your preferences, to transform how you watch TV and to provide more ways to access all your favorite entertainment. Here are a few features we know your residents will love.

How to navigate the X1 guide grid

To access the on-screen guide grid, press the Guide button on the remote control or press and hold the Microphone button and say “Guide” to launch.

To navigate up and down the channel listings in the guide:

  1. Use the up arrow and down arrow buttons to move one channel at a time.
  2. Use the Page Up and Page Down buttons to move several channels at a time.

To advance back and forth to different time slots:

  1. Use the right arrow button to advance in the grid one time slot at a time; use the left arrow button to go back to the previous time slot.
  2. Use the Fast Forward button to advance in the grid one day at a time; use the Rewind button to go back a day.

Hit Exit to exit the guide.

How to search for channels

You can jump directly to a specific channel in the guide instead of browsing to the channel with the arrow buttons.

  1. You can search the guide grid by navigating up and down with your remote control.
  2. To search for a channel by number, use the remote’s number keys to enter the channel number.

    Note: You can also search for a channel by typing the channel name using the alphanumeric guide on the remote’s keypad. For example, press 622 for NBC.

  3. When the channel information displays in the Guide Search window, press the OK button on the remote to jump to the channel in the guide.
  4. If you search for a channel that is not included in your channel lineup, pressing OK will jump to the next available channel listed numerically. For example, if there is no channel 254 in your lineup, the guide will jump to channel 255.

How to view program information

To view program information, use the arrow buttons to highlight the program on the grid. Program information will display at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Press the Info button on the remote to access options to:
    • Watch the program
    • Record the program*
    • See more programs information (More Info)
    • View Series information
  2. Use the up arrow to dismiss the additional program information.

Visit our support page for more information about the On-screen guide on X1 TV boxes.

*DVR subscription is required.