Quick Reference Tips

Remote control programming

Your Xfinity remote control is already programmed to control your digital TV box. Follow the steps below to program your remote to also control your TVs, DVD players, VCRs  and audio devices.

How to program your Xfinity remote control

The Xfinity remote controls vary depending on your equipment. Go to xfinity.com/remotes to select your remote and download the instruction manual.

How to troubleshoot your Xfinity remote control

If your remote control doesn’t work after you have programmed it:

  1. Press the Cable button on your remote to make sure the remote is in cable mode.
  2. Make sure there is nothing between the remote and the receiver that would block the signal. Aim the remote directly at the receiver’s front panel, not at the TV, VCR or DVD player.
  3. Stand directly in front of the TV and receiver to reduce the angle between the remote and the receiver.
  4. Firmly press and release buttons on the remote one at a time.
  5. Change channels using the buttons on the receiver’s front panel.
  6. Replace the batteries in the remote.

How to put the remote in cable mode

  1. Press the Cable button.
  2. Take the batteries out of the remote and put them back in.
  3. Press the Up Triangle button on the front of the TV box.
  4. If the remote is still not working, replace the batteries in the remote.

How to use the All On button to turn your TV and cable on/off at the same time

To use the All On button, you first need to program your remote control for your TV (see above). Then:

  1. Press the Cable button on the top of the remote to make sure it’s in cable mode.
  2. Point the remote at the TV and press and hold the All On button until both your TV and TV box turn on (or off).

If the TV and the TV box become out of sync with the remote, and the All On button turns one off and the other on:

  1. Press and release the TV button at the top of your remote.
  2. Press the Power button. Your TV will now be in the same state as your TV box.
  3. Follow the steps above to use the All On button again.

For more information, visit xfinity.com/remotes.

Did you know?

Xfinity remote controls vary depending on the TV box. Go to xfinity.com/remotes to find instructions for all.