Quick Reference Tips — X1

Using the X1 help menu

The Xfinity X1 Help Menu allows you to manage your account, troubleshoot issues and learn about your services – all from one convenient location.

Launch the X1 Help Menu

While watching full-screen TV (not using the guide), press A on your remote control or press and hold the Microphone button and say “Help.”

Manage your account from the X1 Help Menu

Navigate to Manage My Account under Featured Support. Here you can view and pay your bill, manage your upcoming appointments, access your Xfinity username and more.

You can also access your X1 settings under Featured Support by navigating to Access Settings. Here you can set parental controls, activate closed captioning, manage your display preferences and more.

Get X1 Tips & Tricks and watch Help Videos

Select X1 Tips & Tricks at the bottom of the X1 Help Menu to receive quick tips on your account and services. Additionally, select View Help Videos under Featured Support to watch Xfinity Help Videos in both English and Spanish to learn more about popular Xfinity topics and services, such as the Xfinity Stream app, X1 DVR, Kids Zone and more.

Use voice commands to receive X1 help

You can use the X1 Voice Remote to navigate to common destinations within the X1 Help Menu. Simply press and hold the Microphone button on your remote control and say one of the following commands:

“What’s my Xfinity username?”

“Set up my remote”

“View my bill” or “Pay my bill”

“Manage my settings”

“Restart my TV”

“X1 Tips”

Visit our support page for more information about the X1 Help Menu.